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At Nexxt Intelligence, we enable research conversations with customers, employees and citizens by letting them actively participate. This vision fuels our work with game-changing companies and organizations dedicated to positive social and business impact.

What we do

We fuse technology and science to drive better human understanding.

We built IncaBot, our chatbot designed and trained to conduct market / CX / EX / cultural research. IncaBot’s mission is to empower researchers to elicit genuine human behaviours, opinions, and values through custom research at a pace and scale previously not possible.

Together, we help our clients understand the “imponderabilia” of life – the underlying, sometimes intangible, motivations that drive behaviour and preferences. We discover those “Eureka!” moments to let you make smart business decisions, through CultureLabs, our unique full-service research and consulting practices.

Driving conversation and engagement
Our respondent-centric research encompasses a set of tools, designs, methods and practices aimed at providing insight into behaviour and preferences – and the motivations behind them – whether they are obvious or latent, through personalized conversations and delightful experiences.
Qualitative and quantitative blended

Combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies, IncaBot is powered by state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) technology. This allows us to obtain customer feedback and stories at scale, and to provide simultaneous diagnoses to quantitative metrics.

Uncovering deep insight is what we do

Our team of dedicated researchers and scientists has a passion for behind-the-scenes investigations. We draw out individuals’ deep-seated values, situated contexts and cultures to amplify business decision-makers’ ability to align product/service/communication design with those insights.
participants from 200 countries we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with
countries represented by our participants
found IncaBot easier or much easier to use than traditional surveys
had a fun or engaging experience participating in research with IncaBot

Our Clients

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Work with us!

We are hiring!

We are looking for a Director, Client Service and Business Development, to join
our growing team.

We build a full-service suite for marketers and insight managers to engage with customers, employees and citizens in-depth and at-scale, centered around IncaBot, our chatbot designed and
trained for market insight and feedback purposes.
We help our clients understand their customers and/or employees in-depth and at scale, through
exceptionally engaging conversational research experiences delivered by our bot.
We pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class conversational research experiences by eliciting deep
human-computer interactions. User experience, behavioural science, and artificial intelligence are
the keystones of IncaBot.
We believe and thrive in a work culture in which team members collaborate, regardless of where,
when and how they work.

We are looking for an experienced client service market researcher with a strong business
development background.
Hands-on experience in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies will come in handy.
Customer/employee experience research experience will be a strong asset. A commitment to
collaborative problem solving and client delight is essential.
You will be ideal for us if you are a strategist at heart, if you believe in what we do, if you love
fostering superb client relationship through innovative methodologies, and if you flourish in an
entrepreneurial work environment. A visual communicator and a natural design thinker will make you
If this sounds exciting to you, let’s talk!

[email protected]

We are looking for a frontend React developer to work on our integrated suite of web applications.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Developing new and existing React components and features for our frontend applications
  • Collaborating with product team to design user interfaces 
  • Documenting and refactoring our frontend codebase
  • Profiling and improving our frontend performance
  • Analyzing user behaviour and feedback to support continual improvement

Job Requirements:

We’re looking for someone who is comfortable with a fast-moving environment and can learn quickly. Enthusiasm and curiosity are key, but there are also some specific requirements:

  • Experience developing application(s) in React
  • Familiarity with the Node / React ecosystem
  • Demonstrable knowledge of ES6 best practices
  • Knowledgeable in principles of user experience design
  • Proficiency developing responsive and accessible web applications
  • Experience and/or interest in full stack development would be a strong asset.

If this sounds exciting to you, let’s talk!

[email protected]