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IncaBot’s mission: to empower researchers and marketers to elicit genuine human behaviours, opinions, and values through custom research at a pace and scale previously not possible.

IncaBot captivates and delights. When participants are engaged, their reactions are genuine, which will lead to authentic insight and innovation. Whether you prefer Voice of the Customer in their own language, or evaluative metrics and quantifiable preferences, Inca has the right tools for you.

What makes IncaBot the Best

Unparalleled conversational chatbot user interface

Our custom-built chatbot framework allows research to be conducted in a conversational manner with the most pleasant and friendly user interfaces and flexible question / user input types in the market.
Virtual moderation with NLP (Natural Language Processing)

IncaBot uses state-of-the-art NLP to guide the conversation in a relevant and appropriate manner. Our architecture leverages powerful multilingual, multipurpose and adaptive machine learning techniques. This means IncaBot understands the participant’s intent and sentiments, and can probe further to create meaningful and engaging conversational experiences.

Customizable live dashboard

IncaBot’s dashboard solution allows clients to monitor progress, and see/understand results, in real-time and with any number of participants. We take care of all the hard parts to provide you with a simple-to-use interface for visualization your data.

Management Portal

Coming soon...

You can work with IncaBot through the management portal to create, publish and monitor your own projects, all by yourself! No programming required. The SaaS (Software as a service) platform will be available soon.

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