What is CultureLabs?

CultureLabs is the consulting and full-service research arm of Nexxt Intelligence. We deliver insights—by developing research and tools that make cultural diversity tangible, measurable, and actionable.   

Why does culture matter?

Culture guides how products/services are used; how workplaces are navigated; and how we work together to accomplish great things. Social scientists define culture as the confluence of practices, artifacts, sensibilities and ideas that constitute and inform our everyday lives. We study the Cultural DNA, which anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski called “the imponderabilia of actual life” – or the behaviour and preferences that people find difficult to explain or articulate, yet exert a powerful influence on decision-making.

Why did we build CultureLabs?​

It’s about better products/services and experiences for customers and employees. And it’s about growth for companies and organizations. Products, services and experiences are materialized ideologies. Given the increasingly diverse global village and specific locales that we live and work in today, to be able to effectively decode ideologies and apply them to product/service/experience design requires vision, knowledge, tools and dedication.
of Canada's population growth is tied to immigration
average financial returns for companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity
of executives believe that diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage

A Glimpse into the Cultural DNA

Our services

Consumer Insight and Customer Experience

Cultural Understanding From the Core

We help companies and organizations understand cultures from their core - the hidden forces that drive people's behaviour and preferences. Implicit alignment with their cultural DNA leads to authenticity and real empathy.

Qualitative & Quantitative Blended

We work with an integrated suite of research methodologies, including qualitative (focus groups and ethnography); quantitative (online and offline surveys); and a fusion of the two. Our unique IncaBot creates an engaging conversational experience for research participants.

Custom Advanced Analytics Solutions

We develop custom solutions for customer insight and consumer research. We believe that effective analytics combines a wide range of classical statistical models with cutting-edge machine learning tools to suit your design and development needs.

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

Improving workplace communication and collaboration means embracing intercultural competencies in the increasingly multicultural workplaces. We conduct research and develop tools to assess cultural and communication styles, and intercultural competencies.

Original Workplace Research & Content

We host original research and content for effective workplaces. We model ongoing integration and its implications on the bottom line, with a focus on the globalized Canadian workplace.

Behavioural Insights

The human brain is complicated: that's why we study the inner workings of culture, mindset, and value systems to model and predict human behaviour. We harness insights from cognitive science and behavioural economics to help your team thrive.

What if you could uncover the intangible?

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